“^_^”: A Charming Indie Adventure Title By Ben Chandler

“^_^”: A Charming Indie Adventure Title By Ben Chandler

Strange name, wonderful game.

^_^ came included as part of the Adventure Game Bake Sale offered a couple of weeks back. I have to say that, after completing the game just a few minutes ago, it’s one of the most charming adventure game experiences I’ve had in a while.

The script is really well done, the characters are quite memorable and it’s just long enough that you can play it through in a single sitting. I think its developer, Ben Chandler, has hit upon something here that adventure games have missed for years: adventure games tend to be long, drawn out affairs and that doesn’t fit well in today’s market. ^_^ is deep, as adventure games tend to be, but it’s also quick. Combine its quality with the fact that you can play it through in 30 minutes without it feeling rushed or unfinished really makes the adventure game genre accessible.

I heartily recommend downloading ^_^ no matter if you’re an adventure game fan or not. If you’ve had troubles getting into an adventure game in the past, give this one a go. See if this single-frame, finish-in-a-single-sitting style adventure suits you.


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