Everything We Know About Torchlight Mobile

Everything We Know About Torchlight Mobile

In May 2015, Fedeen Games announced that it is developing a completely original Torchlight game for mobile [1]. This will be an entirely new game, not a port of the PC, Mac, Linux versions. The original Runic Games team, including series creator Max Schaefer, is not directly involved in Torchlight Mobile’s development, though they are keeping close tabs to ensure it’s a true Torchlight game [2]. The game is being developed in Shanghai, China.

As of January 2016 we do not know of a release date.

Torchlight Mobile has been rated by 2P’s readers as 2016’s most anticipated mobile game. [3]

The press release [1] for Torchlight Mobile lists a few of the features in bullet points, copied here:

  • An entirely new Torchlight game with a new story and new areas to explore
  • Easily accessible gameplay with fluid, unobtrusive controls
  • New playable races and classes exclusive to Torchlight Mobile
  • New skill augmentation system
  • PVP and multiplayer gameplay
  • New collectible pets system
  • Timed challenges

After a huge outcry from the fans, the Free To Play (F2P) monetization strategy was rolled back to exclude the much maligned “stamina” system which would limit time played until energy packs were purchased [4].

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