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FreeCell Quest Brings FreeCell To The Next Level

Here’s a difficult challenge: take one of the most common and well-known games of all time and make it fresh. Legend Studio, creators of FreeCell Quest, have done just that: they’ve taken ordinary FreeCell and made a fun, accessible, and high-quality RPG out of it. Make no mistake: this game is fun and addictive. It will eat your time.

I had always heard of FreeCell’s charm but never got around to playing it. A few weeks ago, the creator of FreeCell Quest sent along a free copy for me to try. Being a card game fan, I’m really glad they did!

The game launches and you create a character. Character creation is quite simple: you pick your class and enter your name. There are 8 classes to choose from, each providing their own bonuses:

  1. Knight (+32% Defense)
  2. Archer (24% Slower Enemy Attacks)
  3. Cleric (2x Healing)
  4. Barbarian (+42% Health)
  5. Mage (+64% Mana)
  6. Ninja (+59% Experience)
  7. Dark Knight (+64% Defense, -53% Experience)
  8. Skeleton (+73% Gold)

Once you’ve created your character, you’re dropped into your first game of FreeCell. Here, any player of traditional FreeCell will feel instantly at home. Still, there are several twists! You have a health bar and mana meter. Periodically, cards will flash and attack, draining your health if you don’t clear them in time. There is also a hot bar that you can launch spells like “Undo” or “Highlight low cards” from.

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Being a FreeCell newbie playing my first game, I was surprised that there was no tutorial at this point. I had to drop out and watch a couple of YouTube videos to pick up how the game is played. I think this is an area in the game that could be improved in the future (it is receiving constant updates as of time of writing).

Once I got the hang of it, I crushed my first game! In true RPG fashion, there is a post-battle report which shows how much XP and gold I gained from the encounter. From here, I’m dropped into a huge world map. When I say huge, I mean epic, gigantic, humongous. There are hundreds of cities to visit, each with their own card game battle to wage. Some require traveling across a sea and will cost gold. Others provide a random battle, catching you unawares. Others still offer shops, training, or inns to rest at.

FreeCell Quest Screenshot

I’ve been playing FreeCell Quest for a few days and have already cleared out a good number of towns — almost an entire province! This game definitely has that “just one more town, then I’ll go to bed” feeling. The RPG elements and spells never feel like cheating, and the world map and storyline add an element of replayability which I really enjoy. The music and sounds fit well with the theme and are enjoyable, as well.

In a way, FreeCell Quest does for FreeCell what Faerie Solitaire did for Solitaire: give a fresh spin on an already classic game. Pick it up on your tablet, phone, or on Steam.


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