Fund This Game: Darkout

Wow. Where do I start with this?

First, the graphics and artwork are what initially caught my eye. The swirls of purple and blue are so tasty I could drink them. Allgraf, the company behind the game, has really made something beautiful here.

Second, once I watched the video (see below), I realized that this is a game I would most definitely love to play.

Darkout is a 2D explorative platformer with a focus on resource collection and crafting. It sounds like Terraria and Minecraft, but it looks like so much more.

Allgraf has got their project on IndieGoGo and they’re asking for a measly $500 to finish it up and release it. There is absolutely no reason that this game cannot meet its target if we come together and make it happen.

Just watch this gameplay video to see why I think it’s worth your money (and mine):

Darkout’s beta is slated to be released on October 10th, 2012. So if you’re still on the fence, check it out then!

An interesting note from Adrian Banninga, the director of Darkout, to people who might consider this a Terraria clone (myself included, initially):

It’s really hard  to create a new genre with every game you make. If you look around, you will notice that every innovation comes from a mixture between copying something that works well and adding some interesting new features that makes the game unique and with its own personality. Obviously we took some ideas from Terraria, as Battlefield took ideas from Call of Duty and vice versa. The difference here is that this game has been produced with 0% budget and 100% of passion, adding new features and with an atmosphere that no other game in the genre has at the moment.

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