Fund This Game: Hero-U: Rogue to Redemption

This has been the best year to be a gamer, by far. So many fantastic games have come out this year, many thanks to crowdsourcing services like Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. The latest game up for funding is a spiritual successor for a game series that is very dear to my heart: Quest For Glory.

The magicians behind the original Quest For Glory series of adventure games, Lori and Corey Cole, are back from a long gaming slumber to bring the world a new point and click adventure game which promises to hearken back to the classic era of Sierra adventure titles.

I am very excited about Hero-U and am looking forward to playing it many times over. I peed a little when I found out they were making another game.

The first Quest for Glory title had the protagonist, an adventurer slash wanna-be hero, arriving for his first quest out of Hero university, where they teach their students all they need to know about being a hero. The following four games took that same player (it was one of the first games to let you take your save game from one game’s ending and import it into the next chapter in the series) to Africa-ish, Eastern European-ish, Arabia-ish, and Greek-ish locales.

Hero-U appears to focus on what happens during the time students spend at the Hero University itself, following a flunk-out on his path to educational redemption. I’ll let the video explain more.

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