Fund This Game: Obduction

From the creators of Myst and Riven

If you’ve been reading my blog for the past couple of years, you probably know that I’m a huge fan of the Myst series of games from Cyan Worlds. After flying under the radar since the failure of Uru Online, their most recent game back in ~2003, Cyan Worlds has once appeared on the world stage. This time, it’s to take advantage of the funds available through crowdfunding on Kickstarter to create their new adventure game, Obduction.

Obduction will be a real-time, 3d, first-person adventure game that brings back the magic of what made Myst so special: the feeling of being simply dropped in a new world and having to figure everything out on your own. Exploring, solving puzzles, listening, and reading will help guide you on your journey.

Why you need to help now

Obduction is four days away from the end of its campaign and it’s still got just over $150,000 to go to reach its goal of $1.1m. It needs your help and my help to launch. If you’ve enjoyed the Myst and Riven games, please consider throwing $25 into the pot to get a digital copy of the game for download when it launches and to see this thing through.

Adventure games have always been a tough sell by developers to publishers. Many times they require large investments and the market is relatively small. It’s exceptionally rare to have an adventure game sell anything close to the sort of numbers you see games like Call of Duty reaching.

Still, there is a market. And us adventure gamers love our adventure games to death.

Fund Obduction on Kickstarter:

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