Fund This Game: Super World Racer

Fund This Game: Super World Racer

Super World Karts is a mode 7 SNES-style kart game coming to Ouya, PC, Mac, Linux, and, in the future, other consoles as well. This is a classic take on the original Super Mario Kart from back in the day, including 4-player split-screen action and upgrades and weapons. It looks hella fun!

Super World Karts has picked up a ton of steam over the last couple of weeks with its constant Kickstarter updates featuring new playable characters from other games including

  • Adventures of Pip
  • Aegis
  • A.R.E.S
  • Canabalt
  • Duck Game
  • Fist of Awesome
  • Lobodostroyo
  • Read Only Memories
  • So Many Me
  • Sparky the Ouya Android
  • Toto Temple Deluxe
  • Whispering Willows

Super World Karts is also taking advantage of the Ouya Free The Games Fund which will match, dollar for dollar, the amount of money generated from the Kickstarter campaign. It’s an awesome program that means we get even more great games.

I’m really excited about this game and have upped my pledge in an effort to push them over their target. It needs your help!

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