Fund This Game: Tainted Fate

The creator of Tainted Fate, Mladen Bošnjak, reached out to me today to ask if I’d feature his game in a Fund This Game post. I’m very happy he did since his game seems right up my alley and I’m sure that as a reader of my blog then there’s a very good chance you’ll find it worthy of a few dollars’ support as well.

Tainted Fate is a survival horror game where you take control of two characters, each in their own specific time period. What you do in one time period affects the island and the story in the other. It’s an interesting concept. The island itself is large and will feature many secrets, which I love in games.

The $3,000 he is looking to get as part of his IndieGoGo funding drive will help to purchase a new MacBook and digital camera to increase the quality of the final game. Take a look at his pitch video and fund this game!


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