Fund This Game: The Way

The Way looks like an incredible adventure game set on an alien planet. I love the art style.

The game has made its Kickstarter minimum, but I backed it because I want to see this game on the Ouya. It’s just under $2000 before reaching that goal. With any luck (and some marketing!) it might make this goal. (crosses fingers)

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve backed it, too!

Edit: Good news! While it didn’t cross the $25,000 mark, which is where they promised iPhone/Android/OUYA support, it came very close. Here’s their statement in a recent email.

The second stretch goal was really close so we will try our best to make the iOS/Android/OUYA ports happen! In case you still want to help out we’re keeping the option to donate through PayPal (rewards still apply). You can still make the project reach its further stretch goals this way!

With any luck, we’ll still get to play this game on our Ouyas. Hurray!

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