Fund This Game: Dragon of Legends

A top-down 2D action RPG based on Gaelic and Norse mythology, Dragon of Legends brings cross-platform multiplayer gameplay in a potentially unique way. Something from the Kickstarter campaign, which was just recently launched, caught my eye:

Players will be able to complete epic quests and interact with thousands of other gamers from around the world. Team up with like-minded adventurers to defeat the most challenging boss fights and complicated puzzles, or compete against your peers in intense player versus player combat with the arenas and the massive open world battlefields – all on the device of your choice.

Are we looking at game campaigns involving more than just the typical 4 player team? Will we be seeing gameplay with tens or possibly hundreds of players in the same zones, similar to how 3D MMORPG games are played?

If so, Dragon of Legends has the potential to be a sort of 2D version of TERA, which broke ground as one of the first MMORPGs to truly and gracefully handle real-time, twitch based battles in the 3D space.

Dragon of Legends SKillbook Screenshot

Even if it ends up that these large scale gameplay elements are just poorly worded Kickstarter text and we are indeed looking at much more common small-scale co-operative gameplay, Dragon of Legends offers a lot for players for the basic $10 entry ticket: plenty of characters, tons of loot, over 10 classes, a complex skill tree, and unlimited gameplay via user-generated content.

The art style, animation, and graphical quality are top notch and the music, while muted in the trailer, fits the game and seems to pay homage to earlier Zelda soundtracks.

Is Dragon of Legends up your alley? Back it on Kickstarter.

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