Game of The Day #58: Super Laser Racer

Super Mario Kart meets Geometry Wars.

Super Laser Racer is a top-down combat racing game using the vector graphics style. Choose between 12 different racers and compete on 24 unique tracks, battling rivals using weaponry littered on the road along the way. It’s a simple concept, but proven. And a hell of a lot of fun.

This game has occupied my time quite a bit in the past few days. It’s very challenging but never cheap. Super Laser Racer is a very well-balanced game. It also has an excellent techno soundtrack.

If there is any downside to Super Laser Racer, it’s the multiplayer portion: I wish more people were on! Every time I checked, the online server list was empty. I get the feeling that this game is very easily and very often overlooked. And that’s a shame.

Super Laser Racer is definitely worth the $5.00 base price, but I managed to pick it up for just one dollar during last year’s Steam Summer Sale.

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