Game Of The Day #60: Gone Home

  • Platform: PC, Windows, Linux, Mac
  • Developer: The Fullbright Company
  • Genre: Interactive Fiction, Adventure
  • Release Date: 2013-08-15
  • Cost: CAD$20

Gone Home is a fantastic adventure game. It’s not difficult or full of mind-bending puzzles (though there are a few simpler ones littered throughout), but instead it’s more a narrative something in between Myst and Dear Esther.

The production quality, voice acting, music, writing, attention to detail, graphics, and storyline are all top-class. This game will win awards.

The story tells of a young woman, Katie, who you take the part of. She is arriving home from a year abroad, travelling through Europe. Instead of coming home to a full and welcoming house, she arrives to one that is empty and full of questions. Where is everyone? Why are they missing? What happened in your absence?

Pick up Gone Home now for PC, Mac, or Linux.

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