Game of The Day #28: Terraria

Terraria LogoTerraria

Release date: 2011
Platform: PC
Price: $10
Developer: Re-Logic
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I was a latecomer to the Terraria community. It came out just after I became fully engrossed in Minecraft, so I didn't pay too much attention to it. But, that's okay because I've got it now and now I've had a chance to enjoy all of the updates and patches that have come out since release.

Terraria is often sold as a "2D Minecraft," but it's actually much more. It's also an action-packed platformer with simple yet deep crafting mechanics. The enemies in the game are relentless in their pursuit of your death as they continue to spawn, day and night.

Terraria is a lot of fun, especially the LAN play. Since there's much more action than Minecraft, Terraria excels in this area. With friends over I'd rather play Terraria than Minecraft. Over the Internet, though… I'd say Minecraft.

I picked up the four-pack of Terraria on Steam when it was on sale for $15 a few days ago and shared it with friends. Keep an eye out for another sale in the future and give it a go when you see it happen. If you enjoy Minecraft, it's very likely you'll enjoy Terraria.

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