Game of the Day #61: AdVenture Capitalist

  • Platforms: PC, iOS, Android
  • Release: 2015
  • Genre: Clicker Game
  • Developer: Hyper Hippo

Why is clicking the mouse this much fun???

AdVenture Capitalist is very hard to describe. Clearly it’s a videogame, since I’m featuring it here on this site. And yet, it’s also not a game. Whatever it is, it’s something that has occupied hundreds of hours of my time over the past two months and I’m not ashamed to say I had a blast doing it.

The game play is very simple: in order to sell stuff, you click on it. There’s a small cool down period then you’re able to click again. After getting enough money, you can buy upgrades which will decrease the amount of time you have to wait to cool down. You can even hire managers to click for you, earning you into the next level of the game. After you’ve got your managers automatically dumping money into your coffers, you start to attract angel investors, known as Angels in the game. When you commit to taking on Angels, who give you at least a 2% bonus to your income per Angel, you’ve got to start over from scratch.

But, don’t worry: you quickly get back to where you were thanks to the Angel bonus. And, because you’re making so much money, you attract more Angels, starting the cycle again and again.

I’m getting excited to click again as I’m writing this.

After becoming a Decillionaire on Earth, you can invest in a space-faring business and open up shop on the Moon and then Mars, where you do much the same thing again. The gameplay is slightly different on each, however, with the Moon requiring upgrade tickets, and Mars giving you a 2x bonus on a 30-second countdown, resettable if you click.

I’m sure I’m not giving you a good idea of how awesome this game is. Go and play it. It’s free. I’ll see you in two months.

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