Game of the Day #62: Battle of the Immortals

This article is long overdue; Battle of the Immortals is a game I’ve dumped hundreds of hours into, playing right before I fall asleep in bed, night after night.

The confusing thing is, on paper, this game is garbage: it’s yet another high fantasy F2P MMORPG with generic quests and environments. Character creation is simple: you get a few choices, but ultimately, you can’t change very much about your character’s aesthetic. The core gameplay is also simple and consists of getting quests from an NPC, clicking the target location hyperlink within the text, watching your player run to the destination, clicking on the enemies you need to destroy, then clicking on the trainer’s hyperlink in the quest text to return.

So, why is it a good game? And, why is it this list?

The answer is also, you guessed it, simple: because it’s fun!

There are thousands upon thousands of quests, enemies, pets, areas, and gameplay elements to explore. There is always something to do and none of it ever feels grindy. Battle of the Immortals rewards you for playing, by giving you XP boost packs, gifts, and drops. It’s the perfect mindless game to play. The game can be played solo, or, if you’re lucky enough to find a busy server, with friends.

The 2.5D viewpoint of the game is similar to that of Torchlight or Diablo II: you see your character in third person, can zoom in or out, and even rotate around, but you can’t get down to the ground or put the camera directly behind the player. This is both good and bad. It’s good because the camera doesn’t get in the way during battles (nothing worse than taking damage due to a poor angle) but bad because it’s not immersive; never feeling like there is a lot of action going on.

The graphics work well and the game runs fine even on old hardware. All of the characters and environments mesh together and everything is heavily animated. In a way, it feels like playing an MMORPG with army men or dolls: it’s fun to imagine this little world you can see into but are not a part of.

The music doesn’t get in the way but is ultimately forgettable.

Battle of the Immortals came out in 2010 and its playerbase, as of 2016, is really low. Still, I’ll be very sad when the last server is shut off for this game. If we’re lucky, Perfect World will release the server software so we can keep it alive when that day comes.

The next time you’re at a LAN party with your friends, sit down and play a couple of hours of Battle of the Immortals. I bet you’ll have fun!

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