Game of the Day #63: Knossu

Game of the Day #63: Knossu

Knossu is horrifying.

This game is the closest anyone has ever come to capturing, in a videogame, what a nightmare is like.

I don’t want to spoil any of it, so I’m limited in what I can say. But, I’ll tell a small story: when I was a kid I had a nightmare about an invisible force that put out a sort of high pitched whistle, getting louder as it moved near and quieter as it moved away. As the invisible force got near others I could see that they’d die, so I knew to run.

A shade of quiet would be a safe place, but never for long: far in the distance the whistle would come into range.

There was a moment of despair when we heard a neighbour ask us about the whistle and, before I could answer, a friend running with me yelled that it was nothing to worry about, saving us the time that would have been spent rescuing him. As we ran away, we could hear him die behind us.

The entire nightmare was spent running from this force.

Knossu is that force.

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