GOG.com Announces DRM-free Steam/Desura competitor called ‘Galaxy’

GOG.com, a major distributor of DRM-free games, has announced they’re launching a gaming client to compete with the likes of Steam and Desura. There are a couple things that make their service stand apart from the pack: the fact that the client itself is optional, game updates are optional, you don’t need to be signed in to play (unless you want to play online), and you fully own the games you buy.

Novel. I wonder how Steam will respond. It would be amazing for Steam to offer a way to download/extract games if you cancel your account. Not that I would, but for someone like me who has over 500 games in Steam, the idea that my account might be deactivated or banned for whatever reason is unsettling.

Are you a GOG.com customer? Will you be downloading Galaxy?

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