Humble Indie Bundle Not So Humble? Nah. It’s Fine.

Humble Indie Bundle Not So Humble? Nah. It’s Fine.

There’s been a bit of talk going around recently that the most recent Humble Bundle, the THQ Bundle, is tarnishing Humble Bundles’ indie (and humble) brand. Here’s my take:

Nah, it’s fine.

I’m a huge indie fan and usually the first one to speak out against AAA games and their effect on the industry. To me, that a AAA company would take the risk to put some of their best games on sale as a Pay-What-You-Want sale, is a great sign.

I bought it.

Hopefully other AAA companies follow suit and realize that $59.95 for just one game is just way too expensive, considering we can get a (sometimes) better experience on $10 to $15.

At this stage of the game, also as a huge Linux fan, I think it’s a bit too much to expect AAA game companies to support Linux. Let’s keep this ball rolling, get them more in-line with indie gameplay and indie prices, and the Linux stuff will come later.

Indie games support Linux because Linux gaming is indie.

This all being said, I really hope that this THQ bundle is the exception and not the norm when it comes to game types and cross-platform support. I like my indie bundles right where they are, thanks.

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