Is this the end for Allgraf’s Darkout?

Is this the end for Allgraf’s Darkout?

Darkout was one of the IndieGoGo croudfunding darlings of 2012. It promised to be a procedurally-generated Terraria-alike with multiplayer and high resolution graphics. Like most of the people who backed the game, I played it for a bit and was impressed by what I saw, but left it to cook a little longer with the developers.

So, tonight, I cracked open their website and read some surprising news: as of April 30, 2015, the developers have gone AWOL due to lack of funds.

In their most recent blog post, Allgraf explains that, due to lack of funds (and presumably from non-payment from Desura filing for bankruptcy), Allgraf has had to switch gears and work on a second, smaller game in the same universe in an attempt to drum up revenue. This itself wouldn’t be so bad if in that very same blog post they also go on to explain that gameplay elements which were promised as part of the original game would now be released as paid DLC. It didn’t help that development of Darkout had slowed to a crawl while they were rewriting the game from scratch, switching engines from Torque to Unity3d.

Unsurprisingly, customers did not like the news.

The Steam rating for the game has plummeted to “Mixed” and the reviews section is filled with people angry with the change.

Allgraf’s blog post ends with a promise to be more transparent with their development by posting weekly, but it’s been over 6 months since that blog post and their Twitter and Facebook feeds are dry.

Is this the end of Darkout? Is this the end of Allgraf?

I hope not :`(

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  • “I hope not …” Me too!
    I love playing the game and I am at “level” 9 and current trying to solve the “Gate Puzzle”.
    Is there another wiki then the official? It’s a bit old and does not contain any information (e.g. the Teleporter, Fusion Device, …)

    It’s sad but I guess Allgraf is out of the business … 🙁


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