Learn To Code With Alex or Steve From Minecraft

Mojang announced today that they’ve partnered with Code.org, a non-profit dedicated to increase programming and computer science understanding and capability for people of all ages. Together, they’ve built a Minecraft-themed, hour-long online course using an interactive tool called Blockly. Blockly lets kids or adults pick up the fundamentals of programming by  dragging and dropping command into a script which executes in sequence.

Minecraft has always had programmable and educational elements to it. Early on, Minecraft players built rudimentary then complex circuits using an in-game resource called Redstone, which acts very similarly to electricity. Later, Minecraft was released for free with the Raspberry Pi and included a visual editor in a very similar manner to Blockly. This new venture expands their efforts to people who don’t have a Raspberry Pi or Kano computer kit.

Head on over to Code.org and learn how to code!


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