Minecraft Portable Edition: Redstone Update

Minecraft Portable Edition: Redstone Update

The Pocket Edition of Minecraft has seen a huge expansion in the past year!

Originally released exclusively on the SONY Xperia PLAY phone in 2011 then later that year on Android and iOS, the Portable Edition of Minecraft was a hardly recognizable, slimmed down version stuffed into a small form factor. Many of the blocks were missing (along with mobs) and players could only play in Creative mode. After a stream of small but steady updates, development kicked up a notch when sales leapfrogged past the PC/Mac/Linux version in 2013, making Portable Edition the most successful version of the game on any platform. Since then, features between the PC/Mac/Linux version are at near parity with the Pocket Edition.

Today, Mojang announced a long-awaited feature has made it to the Pocket Edition: Redstone!

Redstone is one of the things that put Minecraft on the map back in 2010. Players fashioned circuits, mob traps, lamps, and even computers using Redstone. It’s exciting to think of what a new generation of Minecraft players will do with their newfound circuitry.

Along with Redstone, this update includes bunnies, desert temples, and new types of doors. As usual, a ton of bug fixes are included.

Mojang have also begun offering pre-releases of the Portable Edition to players like they do for the PC/Mac/Linux version. Earlier this month, they launched the Pocket Edition Beta blog which includes patch notes and download details for beta versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Happy Redstoning!

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