Poncho Is Released!

I have to admit: when Poncho didn’t make its Kickstarter campaign target, I was really worried about this game. It looked like a lot of fun and seemed really polished. Thankfully, someone else thought so, too, and this person was in control of budgeting at a videogame publishing firm!

Shortly after Poncho’s failure with Kickstarter, Delve Interactive was contacted by some smart folks at Rising Star Games who gave the cash and support injection Poncho needed to make it past the finish line. Just over a year later we’re here: Poncho is now available for sale! Congrats team!

I haven’t had a chance to sit down and play through it, yet, but a brief overview of Poncho for those who are unaware: Poncho is a 2d side-scrolling platformer game with parallax platforming elements similar to LittleBigPlanet. It’s got a deep storyline with memorable characters and a sweet soundtrack by Jack Odell, to boot.

Pick up Poncho on Steam (PC, Mac, Linux), PS4, PS Vita or Wii U.

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