Space Chess: Batu Games’ Atriage Lands January 31, 2016

Puerto Rico’s Batu Games is set to launch their third and biggest game this January. It’s called Atriage and apparently it plays a lot like a game of interstellar chess. Inspired by 1980s anime sci-fi naval battles, it has you controlling your ships in an effort to win the board.

Winning the game is based on a series of battle points. Each player starts with 12 Battle Strength Points (BSP). BSP work a lot like health in other games: the first to reach zero loses. Each ship on the board has a BSP value and destroying that ship will reduce your enemy’s BSP by the amount of points that ship had. All ships totaled together make 16 BSP, meaning you don’t have to destroy all of your enemy’s ships in order to win the game.

Each piece on the board can move in a specific direction, just like Chess. This forces you to use logic and strategy to defeat your enemies. Take a look at just three of Atriage’s many ship classes.

Atriage Silverwind Class

Atriage Typhoon Class

Atriage Kaiser Class

Besides playable pieces on the board, each game will contain a series of five obstacles you must navigate around. You won’t be able to move or destroy them, but you can use them to your advantage: position your ship behind the obstacle and avoid enemy attacks!

Atriage looks really cool and the gameplay is interesting in a sort of methodical, Ender’s Game kind of way. I could certainly see it becoming the type of game one might play at a board game cafe in the future.

Keep your eye on this one!

Vote for Atriage on Steam Greenlight

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