Fund This Game: Satellite Reign

I got my wish.

A new “Syndicate Wars” is on the way and it’s called Satellite Reign. It’s an isometric 3D squad-based tactical action game with strategic elements, just like Syndicate. The guy behind it, Mike Diskett, built the original Syndicate Wars game and is back to give us Syndicate fans what we want.

This time around, you’ll be taking the place of a small rebel faction fighting for freedom as opposed to an oppressive corporation controlling the world. It’s an interesting twist and offers up the ability for a bit more storytelling and character development, since in both Syndicate games, agents were essentially mindless cyborgs.

From the Kickstarter video, it looks like we’ll be seeing exactly what we expect from a Syndicate spiritual successor. And that’s fantastic. Take a look at their Kickstarter video:

Even more exciting: If they reach their first stretch goal, they’ll bring in the original sound and music designer from the first two Syndicate games, Russell Shaw, to do the soundtrack. It’s only another $50k, so I think it’s within the realm of possibility.

Kickstart Satellite Reign today.

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