Wurm Unlimited: Build Your Own Wurm World

There is a place filled with unimaginable freedom, where in this land of wilderness players craft the world. Seasons change, forests grow, and creatures age. Where you can chop any tree, mine any rock, shape all the land. You can build your house, large or small. Wall by wall. Level by level. Because when you play Wurm, your imagination can change the world. Become a fighter, blacksmith, carpenter, terraformer, farmer, miner, priest, ship builder, tailor, mason, archer, cook, dye maker, rope maker, toy maker, rope maker, gardener, coal miner, animal breeder, path follower, jeweler. Or, become them all.

Explore a seamless world with no zones, instances, or artificial boundaries. Wurm is the ultimate sandbox, where the only limit is your imagination.

Wurm Online has been freed. For a one-time purchase through Steam, you can buy the entire Wurm Online game and set up your own server to play by yourself or with your friends.

Adjust the difficulty levels, control experience rates, and play with monster spawn rates to craft the ultimate sandbox.

Two modes come out of the box: Adventure mode, which is a pre-packaged world with several warring factions, giving you the goal to become a deity on the moon of Valrei, and Creative mode, which gives players a completely virgin landscape and population to play with.

Further, players can copy one of the existing modes into their own and create their own play style and ruleset in true sandbox fashion.

I played a lot of Wurm Online back in 2011. The scale of things you can do in its sandbox is still unmatched. However, one of my biggest criticisms was the slow rate of leveling. It felt almost too real: digging something as simple as a pathway took about as long as it would if I were to do it in my front yard.

Giving players the ability to run their own Wurm server and control the level rate is very tempting. My finger is hovering over the Buy button on Steam right now…

Have you tried Wurm Unlimited? What did you think of it?

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