Zytron II: SHMUP Sequel to C64 Classic

Zytron II is everything that is right about the twin-stick, side-scrolling shmup genre: it’s got eye-sucking neon visuals, zillions of bullets flying in all directions, and a pounding techno chip tune soundtrack. What makes this game unique is that it’s a sequel to a game that was released 22 years ago, on the Commodore 64 computer platform. Talk about pedigree!

The aim of the game is simple enough: blast anything and everything in your path and avoid getting shot to make your way to the last level and destroy the end of game boss. Anyone who has played such classics as, Armalyte, R-Type or Gradius (Nemesis) will be right at home with Zytron II.

Gamers who love shoot-em-ups can download the demo or buy the full game the official Zytron II website.

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